Professional photographer attracting couples from around the world to the beautiful Niagara Region through stunning and adventurous wedding photography.


"I'm Josh Bellingham, and I'm a photographer living and working in Niagara. I graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines where I met my amazing wife Hilary in the Visual Arts program. Photography is not only a career but also a creative outlet. My experience working in a professional portrait studio has allowed me to realize my passion for capturing the essence of a person through unique and Artful Photography.

My objective is to constantly explore the endless possibilities of my craft while attaining the highest level of professionalism.

In my opinion, a wedding is the most important moment in anyone’s life, so it is a great honor to be selected to photograph this significant event. I consider it a privilege to be a part of something so emotive and inspiring, and I promise the beauty and spirit of your wedding will be cherished forever through my photographs. 

Thanks for visiting!"

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